Anniversary Guide

Our Anniversary Guide can help you find that perfect piece of jewelry for your loved one.

Need Ideas for an Anniversary Gift?

Our list contains both traditional and modern gifts for each year of your anniversary. But it doesn't always have to be a special occasion to give the gift of jewelry. Not sure what to get? Ask our staff at Hingham Jewelers for some great gift ideas! Contact us today.

Newlyweds 1-5 years

YearTraditional GiftModern Gift
1st Paper Gold
2nd Cotton Garnet
3rd Leather Pearls
4th Fruit or Flowers Blue Topaz
5th Wood Sapphire

Truly Devoted 6-25 years

YearTraditional GiftModern Gift
6th Candy or Iron Amethyst
7th Wool or Copper Onyx
8th Bronze Tourmaline
9th Pottery Lapis
10th Tin or Aluminum Diamond
11th Steel Turquoise
12th Silk Jade
13th Lace Citrine
14th Ivory Opal
15th Crystal Ruby
16th   Peridot
17th   Watches
18th   Cat's Eye
19th   Aquamarine
20th China Emerald
21st   Iolite
22nd   Spinel
23rd   Imperial Topaz
24th   Tanzanite
25th Silver Silver

The Golden Years 26-50 years

YearTraditional GiftModern Gift
26th   Original Pictures
27th   Sculpture
28th   Orchids
29th   New Furniture
30th Pearl Diamond
31st   Timepieces
32nd   Conveyances
33rd   Amethyst
34th   Opal
35th Coral Emerald
36th   Bone China
37th   Alabaster
38th   Beryl or Tourmaline
39th   Lace
40th Ruby Ruby
41st   Land
42nd   Improved Real Estate
43rd   Travel
44th   Groceries
45th Sapphire Sapphire
46th   Original Pottery
47th   Books
48th   Optical Goods
49th   Luxuries of Any Kind
50th Gold Gold

Soulmates 51-75 years

YearTraditional GiftModern Gift
55th Emerald Emerald
60th Diamond Diamond
65th Blue Sapphire Star or Gray Sapphire
70th Platinum Platinum
75th Diamonds or Diamond-like Diamond or Gold