Trend Alert: Yellow Gold

Posted on Thursday, September 14th, 2017 at 11:49 am by Victoria

Most fashion trends come back into style eventually and the same can be said for jewelry. Gold in particular, once considered dated, is now incredibly chic and trendy. It has a rich warmth and timeless appeal that is truly ageless. 

Yellow gold fell out of fashion in the early 1990s as women favored white gold and platinum. White metals still dominate the bridal jewelry market today, but many women are shifting toward yellow gold. Yellow hues are seemingly everywhere from the buttons on cardigans to exposed zipper-back dresses. If you’re unsure how to wear yellow or wonder if you can even pull it off, the answers are simple: with everything and of course you can! Yellow gold has a certain softness about it that compliments all types of coloring. Whether your skin is fair, ivory, olive or dark, yellow gold can work for you. 

From a white tie affair to the grocery store, yellow works. It is incredibility versatile and it earns bonus points for being low maintenance. Gold is naturally yellow; alloys are added to make it appear white. If you’re sensitive to nickel or other metals, you’re more likely to react to white gold. To keep it looking white in color, white gold needs to be rhodium plated periodically. As the rhodium wears away with everyday use, the yellow hues will start to show through. Platinum, though it is a pure metal, also requires maintenance. Over time, it will lose it’s shine and develop a patina, but a goldsmith will be able to polish platinum back to it’s original shine. 

While I cannot predict the future, I think yellow gold is here to stay. After all, it has been in fashion for nearly the entirety of human history! There’s nothing quite as special as a family heirloom, a nod to the Romantic era, being passed down to the next generation. So break out the vintage gold, your mother and grandmother’s jewelry. It’s classic, timeless, and incredibly chic.

Wear it, own it, make it yours,